Welcome.  I’m Chris Burkins and I’m an aspiring photographer/digital artist, as well as a musician.  For more about me, visit my Artist Statement page.

Tagree Magazine blog for November 25, 2020: https://tagree.de/blog-post/christopher-burkins-night-court/

Your Best Shot gallery for Digital Photo Magazine: https://www.dpmag.com/galleries/member-galleries/entry/131971-over-the-moon/

Tagree Magazine blog for October 27, 2020: https://tagree.de/blog-post/christopher-burkins-walled-off/

Tagree Magazine blog for October 3, 2020: https://tagree.de/blog-post/christopher-burkins-along-the-rail-trail/

Your Best Shot gallery in Digital Photo Magazine: https://www.dpmag.com/galleries/member-galleries/entry/130406-collection/

Feature in Tagree Magazine for September 16, 2020: https://tagree.de/blog-post/christopher-burkins-ghost-campus/

NEWS – September 2020 

My photography “Rare Opportunity,” taken in January 2020, was featured on the blog for Tagree Magazine, an art and photography magazine based in Germany. https://tagree.de/blog-post/christopher-burkins-rare-opportunity/

NEWS – July 2020

My photograph “Deconsecrated” was featured as photo of the day in Digital Photo Magazine for March 12, 2020

Photo of the Day by Christopher Burkins

NEWS – August 2019

I’m selling some of my photography on Shutterstock. Please feel free to view at the following link:


NEWS – April 2019

I’ve recently begun doing freelance photography work. I’ll be posting photos for a number of stock photo websites. I’m also starting to work for private individual clients. Some of my work can be seen on this website.

NEWS – November 2018

Check out my Music and Theatre page for a link to Eric Whitacre’s video for “Deep Field.” It includes a performance from his Virtual Choir 5, and I’m proud to say I was a contributor to that choir. This music and video multimedia experience is inspired by the Hubble Deep Field and just recently had its debut at the Kennedy Space Center.

Click here to learn more about Eric Whitacre and here to learn more about the “Deep Field” project.

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