Artist Statement

chrisphotoMy name is Chris Burkins and I am an aspiring photographer/digital artist, as well as a musician.

In May 2018, I received an Associate’s degree in general studies with a concentration in Music from Harford Community College, where I graduated with honors. I currently sing in the Harford Choral Society.

I began experimenting with photography and videography at the age of thirteen, but I developed a greater interest in photography while in high school, when I took a digital photography class. I also did additional coursework in photography in college, and I’m always working on developing new professional skills. My photographs can be found on Flickr and on my Instagram account (@cmburkins).

Currently, in commercial photography my work is available on some stock photo websites and I have also done some work for individual commercial clients.

My artistic focus in photography centers around cityscape and nature photography. My intent is to highlight the beauty of nature and urban life. I believe both are equally beautiful.

I’m also hoping to empower people with disabilities—geeks and nerds like myself—through my work. Besides theatre, music and photography, I’m interested in and involved with science fiction fandom. In the science fiction fan community, there’s a wide range of people of differing abilities, so I don’t feel so out of place of awkward there. This is why I’d also like to develop skills in photographing cosplayers, creating more surreal/fantasy images, and in doing astrophotography.

My influences include photographers Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii, Zaida Ben Yusuf, Edward Steichen, and Eugene Atget. French Impressionist painter Claude Monet is also an influence on my work. I also consider magazines like National Geographic and Outdoor Photographer to be among my influences. My favorite types of photography include landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, nature, and long-exposure photography.

Currently, I’ve been doing a lot of street photography/cityscapes. Many of my photographs are edited with special effects in Photoshop, Lightroom, and PicsArt. The effect I use the most is the “Impressionist Brush” effect which makes my digital photographs look like Impressionist paintings. Black and white is another one of my favorite types of photography and I frequently make use of it.

Something that I hope to work on at some point in the future is a project devoted to long exposure photographs of various North American cities. 

I have only gone serious about doing photography as a possible profession in the last couple of years, so I am not sure where my art will fit in the various schools of photography and in its history. Right now, I am still learning where I might be able to fit in the world of photography and digital art. My main goal right now is to “make good art,” as the writer Neil Gaiman once said.