About Me

chrisphotoMy name is Chris Burkins and I am working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Human Services at Towson University. I’m also a photographer and  musician.

I’ve worked with children in camp and school settings in a number of paid and volunteer positions. I hope to combine my eventual degree in Family and Human Services with my arts background, so that I can work for an arts organization that creates programming for young people.


In May 2018, I received an Associate’s degree in general studies with a concentration in Music from Harford Community College, where I graduated with honors. I currently sing in the Harford Choral Society and Towson University Chorale–although as I write this, the Pandemic has been going on for about a year, and all live music performances have stopped.

I began experimenting with photography and videography at the age of thirteen, but I developed a greater interest in photography while in high school, when I took a digital photography class. I also did additional coursework in photography in college, and I’m always working on developing new professional skills. My photographs can be found on Flickr and on my Instagram account (@cmburkins). Some of my photos have also been featured on online photography sites such as Digital Photo and Tagree.

Currently, in commercial photography my work is available on Shutterstock and I have also done some work for individual commercial clients. I also recently completed a certificate course in food photography.

My artistic focus in photography centers around cityscape and landscape photography. My intent is to highlight the beauty of both rural and urban life. I believe both are equally beautiful. My main artistic goal is to “make good art,” as the writer Neil Gaiman once said.

Many of my photographs are edited with special effects achieved using Photoshop, Lightroom, PicsArt and other digital tools. Something that I hope to work on at some point in the future is a project devoted to long exposure photographs of various North American cities. I’m also very interested in learning more about astrophotography.